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Get to know the city on foot.

Trondheim is the perfect city to get to know on foot, and its even better when accompanied by a local!

We can be dropped anywhere in the city and start a tour from there.

A typical walk can last from 1,5 to 2 hours, but we will adapt to your needs. We are good with logistics, and will adapt to the time frame that you have available. Groups should be 20 people or less per guide. Walks can be theme based, or your average city sihgtseeing.

Here are some examples of walks that we offer, but feel free to make your own suggestions.

- Plight and poverty - a walk among old social institutions

- High and mighty in Trondheim - the golden era of the 18th century

- Night walk - the dark side of Trondheim

- Nature walk - Lade and Bymarka

- Along the river Nidelva

- Industrial history

- Beer and wine

- Ila and Ilsvika

- City engineer Carl Adolf Dahl, Trondheim Guides own superhero

Foto: Cato Edvardsen, 2009

Foto: Jørn Adde © Trondheim kommune


(foto: TT)

(foto: Jørn Adde)

(foto: Trondheim byarkiv)

(foto: Andŕe Nickel)

(foto: Knut Rosvold)

(foto: Trondheim byarkiv)

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