Bus, tram and boat

   Trondheim Guide


This is a nice way to get to know the city. By bus, we can explore areas in and around the city centre. The tram takes us to Bymarka (forest trails), and by boat we can explore the harbour and visit the Munkholm island.

We don't have buses of our own, but can recommend our partners (invoicing will be made separate from our partners) if you wish:

- Orklareiser (www.orklareiser.no)

- Trondheim Minibuss (more info here)

Bus tours can be theme based or general, here are some of the choices you have:

- Standard route including city centre, Kristiansten fortress and the Utsikten view point

- Trondheim Greater Area

- Longer trips to Løkken, Røros, Stiklestad and Tautra

- The Gråkallbane tram to Lian

- Transfer to Værnes airport

- Harbour sightseeing

(Foto: Carl-Erik Eriksson)

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